Are you tired of lining up that 3rd putt on the green?

Thanks for all the great responds we received for the past couple years - SQUARE LINE® Putter is now hotter than ever. If you are on the fence, here is your opportunity - get the hottest new putter NOW!!!!

Why should you change to SQUARE LINE® Putter today?
(download the demo movie clip - see if your putter can do that)

  • The SQUARE LINE® putter has been designed for golfers for every level of play. Whether you are a scratch or beginning golfer, this putter will get you the results you are after
  • The combination of being round and enveloped in a rubber-like material gives you a softer feel, with more control of the ball coming off the putter face regardless of ball position
  • The SQUARE LINE® putter head is solid from heel to toe, therefore, the sweet spot is expanded throughout the putter face. Regardless of what spot of the club face you strike the ball, you will get the same result ..... solid contact.
  • The SQUARE LINE® putter is a patented putter that conforms with the USGA rules, and is being used by golf professionals and teachers across the country

Drive for show, but putt for dough with your personalized - customized round putter - the SQUARE LINE® putter. Turn those pars and bogeys into birdies and pars today.

In other words .... "With a SQUARE LINE®, you're all square!®"

The Most Revolutionary Putter at US$69.95 - Completely Customizable

please contact:Gary Behling at 989-274-1579 or by email: pratayudha@squareline.com

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